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IT Infrastructure Optimization and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Do you know where your most valuable data resides? Are you still lugging around terabytes of archival data in your primary storage? Do you have data retention and data placement policies in place?

Deploying technologies and processes to optimize IT infrastructure efficiently coupled with ILM will help you:
• Increase Infrastructure Utilization
• Reduce Licensing & Maintenance Cost
• Accelerate and de-risk project timelines
• Decrease potential liability by knowing what data you have and where it resides


Data Center Transformation

Transforming your data center allows you to standardize your organization across a common platform designed for cost efficiency, agility, automation, service and security.

Digulab will help you:

• Customize the right solution to meet your business objectives and budget.
• Digulab consultants have extensive experience with healthcare organizations. And can guide with data center transformation across enterprise, government, education, and healthcare organizations.
• We evaluate your data, processes and physical IT infrastructure to develop a data center transformation plan that stresses simplicity and operational optimization while meeting the needs of the business within budget.


Cloud and Virtualization Services

On the journey to the private, public or hybrid cloud, every business travels a unique and varied route with unexpected turns and decision points along the way.

Digulab will provide you a path that involves a service-based approach to cloud design and implementation.

We will help you to:

• Understand the need to plan your journey to the cloud with a focus on business outcomes
• Develop a strategic roadmap to address your business and IT challenges, with financial justification
• Maximize performance, security and governance
• Ensure minimal risk or disruption to your business
• Identify workloads and IT business processes to develop a comprehensive cloud solution
• Implement the right mix of IaaS, SaaS or PaaS, BPaaS in your on-premises or hybrid environment
• Select the best of breed cloud vendors in a multi-cloud environment
• Develop cloud migration plans showing detailed comparisons of compute and storage costs, including ROI savings
• Leverage the right technologies to maximize business value



Digulab will help you build a high performance storage and data management infrastructure
Data defines your business, but it’s also a valuable resource that resides in your storage architecture.

From planning and design to implementation, we help you gain measurable improvements in storage performance, scalability and capacity while continually adding value to existing investments.

Digulab consultants help you:
• Protect your data for operational backup, business continuity and disaster recovery
• Provide storage optimization and integration services to achieve a balance between cost, capital investment, and Service Level Agreements
• Identify areas of operational efficiencies through automation and policy-driven actions
• Help lay the foundation for cloud-based initiatives and converged infrastructure


Server Migration

Lifecycle management of servers involves tedious time-consuming server migrations. In order to avoid loss of data or disruption to your business.

Digulab consultants help you:

• Move your servers, and data to your new server and storage solutions with a minimum downtime.
• By recommending some utilities or applications that will help the process


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Management is a holistic management process that identifies potential IT based threats or scenarios to an organization and provides a framework and solutions for setting up a resilient plan with the capacity to create an effective response making sure the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation and value creating activities are protected at all times.
Digulab will help you:
• Assess and measure the impact of change.
• Scenario planning
• Review and identify opportunities for improving resilience while seeking to reduce operating costs.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of business, requiring fundamental changes in technology, culture, operations and value delivery.

Digulab consultants help you:

  • Identify key business risks and opportunities for growth and innovation presented by digital technologies and industry trends
  • Measure the impact of each opportunity
  • Identify current and future state requirements including capability gaps
  • Identify key strategic digital transformation initiatives
  • Develop a structured roadmap for digital transformation
  • Select or create the right technology to deliver transformation
  • Iterate by measuring the impact of the implemented solutions and look to enhance them

Data Privacy

Digulab understands how data breaches and exfiltration along with cyber-attacks can disclose our customers’ privacy data which can cripple an organization through extensive response and recovery resources and costs, reputation damage, and litigation. We strive to keep our customer, their customers, their partners, and their employees personally identifiable information (PII) safe through a well thought out program to ensure private data is secure.

Digulab can help you address your privacy concerns by conducting a privacy impact assessment (PIA). Upon completion of a PIA, you will be able to answer:

• What information is being collected; e.g., nature and source.
• Why the information is being collected; e.g., to determine eligibility.
• The intended use of the information; e.g., to verify existing data.
• With whom the information will be shared; e.g., another agency for a specified programmatic purpose.
• What opportunities individuals have to decline to provide information. where providing information is voluntary or to consent to particular uses of the information, other than required or authorized uses, and how individuals can grant consent.
• How the information will be secured; e.g., administrative and technological controls.
• Whether a system of records is being created under the Kenya Data Protection Act (KDPA).
• Identification of Data Owners, Data Controllers and Data Processors in respect to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and KDPA.

Digulab has extensive experience in guiding organizations on synchronizing PIA events with established regulatory framework timelines to streamline your overall security compliance support operations, whether it be KDPA, ISO, or GDPR.


Education and Training Services

• Expert, qualified and independent trainers from Digulab and our trusted partners
• Training and content that fits your situation and your technical and/or non-technical needs
• Develop an efficient, effective training curriculum
• A wide range of e-learning training modules for your convenience, anywhere, anytime, at your own pace – a creative solution to help fit training into your busy agenda